Mascotry is an ancient tradition of the Unions forming Imperial. It embodies the swelling pride we take in our faculty, and the ruthless competitive nature we hide just beneath the surface. Each Constituent Union of Imperial College has at least one violate mascot (that is, a mascot that can be stolen and held ransom by a rival constituent union).

CGCU have four mascots, the most renowned of which are the Bolt and Spanner. These are violate and are often threatened by those sneaky scientists in RCS. Each year, the Spanner and Bolt bearers are elected as part of the committee and it’s no small feat to bear these bad boys. Spanner is 64lb of solid bronze; one end fits the bolts of London Bridge whilst the other fits the bolts on the wheels of Bo’ (read about him in a second). Bolt is 68lbs, around a foot long and mounted on concrete.

We also have two inviolate, motorised mascots in the form of Boanerges (a ectionately known as Bo’) and Derrick. Bo’ is a 1902 James and Browne automobile and is thought to be the last of his kind in the world and Derrick is a 1926 Ner-a-Car motorcycle. Every year, Bo’ and Derrick take a trip to Brighton to get some seaside air with the Veteran Car Club.

Royal College of Science Union have one mascot that can be stolen: Theta, a huge thermometer; the Royal School of Mines has Davy, a three foot high mining lamp and the Imperial College School of Medicine Students’ union has Pheonix, a glamorous chicken-esque suit, the head of which is violate.

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