Dep Socs

Dep Socs or Departmental Societies are the departments represented by the CGCU - see a short introduction from the people representing each department below.

Department of Aeronautics

Welcome to the Imperial Airbase! All students within the department of Aeronautics are automatically members of the Imperial College Aeronautical Society (AeroSoc). We provide an outlet for all you aeronauts to pursue your interests outside the lecture theatre and a way for all of us students to get to know each other through socials. We have some fantastic first-class events planned for this year such as the favourite ‘Who can eat the most’ Pizza Hut Challenge, bar nights, formal dinners, sports events and industrial visits to different companies.

Aerosoc holds weekly careers events during the first term where you can come and find out about ‘what you can do with an Aeronautics degree’ and explore possible future employers. Our guests are reputable: Airbus, Redbull, McLaren, Jaguar Landrover etc. Aeronauts, don’t forget that the Flight Crew is here to ensure you have a smooth flight through the year, we hope that you will enjoy being on board one of the world’s first-class societies.

Department of Bioengineering

Welcome all fellow Bioengineers to the prestigious Bioengineering Society! As members of the department, you are automatically members of the society, and boy are you in for a treat! The Bioengineering Society has grown from strength to strength since its founding and has emerged as one of the most cohesive and vibrant societies around.

Our objectives are to help students fully explore their career opportunities, raise commercial interest in Bioengineering students within industry and research, and, last but not least, to further strengthen social relations amongst all members of our society by organising and subsidising events for Bioengineering students and staff.

The society holds several events throughout the year, from socials to careers and academic events. Look out for our welcome bash and Christmas dinner among several others. Our bashes also tend to include performances by the departmental staff band.

We aim to make sure you take a well-deserved break from all the hard work and have some fun!

Department of Chemical Engineering

Welcome to Imperial, and as an undergraduate of Chemical Engineering you’re already a member of one of the most thriving and active societies Imperial has to offer: ChemEng Soc.

What separates us from other societies is the number and quality of independent events we offer for only you and your course-mates. We offer a range of formal events such as the Fresher’s and Annual Dinner in prestigious locations as well as more light-hearted but highly enjoyable events such as our famous talent show, featuring some of the top talent the ChemEnger’s have to offer with previous acts including rapping, stand-up comedy and even the lecturers getting their rave on to Gangnam Style and Shake it Off! Other events include the college-wide coveted Cocktail Party and the notorious Frank Mortons Sports day, an event in which each ChemEng Dept. across the country competes in a festival of sport followed by a huge bar crawl and club night.

ChemEng at Imperial is one of the highest rated departments in the world and as such are students are highly sought-after by employers, evidenced by the talks from companies such as Shell, P&G, ExxonMobil and many more that you will be experiencing.

With great events, great job opportunities and the potential for great memories your experience here will be unparalleled. What a time to be a fresher.

Department of Civil Engineering

CivSoc is the society for students of the Civil Engineering Department, all of whom become members of the society automatically. Our society is one of the most active departmental societies, providing a support network (and basically a family) for all our students as we battle through our degree together!

We have an ever-expanding variety of events on offer, from the intellectual and sporting to the good old fashioned pub crawls and bar nights, all with the purpose of enhancing your experience at Imperial and helping you to create some lifelong friendships, with people from all the year groups. The highlight of the CivSoc calendar is the International Tour, which is the envy of all other departments, giving students the opportunity to travel to another country. There we experience their university life, engineering practice, local cuisines and many other cultural delights.

Aside from our events, we also have very strong links to industry and regularly have speakers coming into the department to promote their companies, or even to try and recruit people.

Department of Computing

As the social side of the Department of Computing, DoCSoc makes it our mission to prove that all those long hours in labs and lectures are worth it after all!

To keep you on your toes, we run a wide variety of events, from tech talks to programming competitions and visits to industry. There’s also Imperial’s famous annual hackathon, IC Hack, where anyone and everyone who loves invention can gather to build some really cool tech, all in just 24 hours. It’s not all about ones and zeroes though - we also organise a plethora of fantastic social events every year! Last year we ran an IMAX cinema night, countless free bar nights over in the Union, and a spectacular ball at Kensington Roof Gardens, to name just a few. Best of all, our events are subsidised generously by our sponsors so you never have to worry about the cost!

DoCSoc is run by DoC students, for DoC students, although anyone with an interest in computing can take part. We want to make your time at Imperial as enjoyable and rewarding as we can, so come and get involved!

Department of Design Engineering

Welcome to Imperial! As a freshman of Design Engineering and the Dyson School you are automatically a member of DesSoc.

DesSoc is a departmental society run especially for Design Engineering students. We are dedicated to providing our members with extracurricular and social events to further broaden their experience whilst they study at Imperial and foster a sense of community in the department.

One of the most important jobs we do each year is to organise the Mums and Dads initiative run by most departments across Imperial. All freshmen will be contacted about the initiative before the start of term. The scheme will match you with two parents (second year Des Eng students) as well as a fresher siblings. Throughout the year we will run ‘Family’ events to help integrate all the freshmen into the DesEng family.

In addition to the initiative we run a variety of events all year such as bar nights, pub crawls, dinners (including the end-of-year party), film nights, football, quiz nights and professional talks from links to alumni and industry. We’re also planning on bringing bigger events and even a DesSoc trip as our school gets bigger! We hope you have a fantastic year.

To keep informed on all our latest events join our Facebook Group,
and please do get in touch by emailing [email protected] if you have any questions.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Welcome incoming EEE and EIE-ers! Here at EESoc HQ we aim to make sure all of you are well looked after and settled into the Department!

We’ve got plenty of exciting events planned for you throughout the year. Whether you’re the social kid, want to learn as much as you can about the Industry open to EEE and EIE-ers, or fancy getting involved in sports tournaments– against other Departments, and of course EEE vs EIE, we’ve got it sorted! Some of the highlights include the parent’s lunch, our very own IndustrEE Fair, the fancy New Year’s Dinner and our very own MovEEs.

Get introduced to the ComunitEEE by your EE-parents, who will happily answer any questions about the Department or what it is like living in London.

So sit back, and enjoy the first year for all you can: pEEEce out and see you in October!

P.S. If you can’t wait, find EESoc on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and see for yourself!

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MechSoc is open and free to anyone in college, and everyone studying Mechanical Engineering is auto-enrolled, making up the majority of our society.

We offer many formal events such as career talks, networking events and site tours with industry, not limited to just engineering companies. There are also going to be many informal sociable events such as inter-soc sport tournaments, day trips out and cocktail party.

So, if you’re up for some casual semi-competitive sports and looking for internships for the summer then MechSoc is for you!